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¡Has decubierto la página secreta!

te contaré mis inicios en el mundo de la magia....

los inicios en la magia de David Bestué empezaron con una carta que viajaba a la cartera

¡Everything started with a card inside a wallet!

I still remember the chill that Juan Tamariz made me feel on the other side of the screen. I still remember looking for the instruction booklet of that magic kit, which had passed almost unnoticed as a Chrsitmas present. I still remember reading it again. Not a word about cards inside wallets... Thankfully not a word about cards inside wallets!

My life would look completely different if the solution had been there; but it was not like that... I started to think. To imagine. To play with all the little lessons inside that booklet. Trying to come up with a way to recreate that miracle. I still remember how fast time passed. I still remember the amazement of  my parents and my sister when they saw me holding cards instead of the ball I was always bouncing. I remember wallets, cards, paperclips, jokers... I remember I fell in love.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since this romance started. A romance which is not about learning tricks, it is about creating magic. It is about preparing every effect over a low heat. It is about being fascinated with every single detail of this art,

I hope this adventure lasts for many more years. So far, it has been more than fifteen. Fifteen years enjoying magic with other people and with myself. Fifteen years of shows. Fifteen years of uncountable anecdotes. Fifteen years of friends, teachers and loved ones. Fifteen years with  people around the world. Fifteen years of magic.

Thankfully not a word about cards inside wallets on that instruction booklet...

David Bestué

28th of April, 2017

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